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The results have been phenomenal

Since our launch almost two years ago they have been ongoing critical players on our marketing team. Each month they give us detailed feedback on how our online marketing campaign is doing along with recommendations that come from their many years in the business. The results have been phenomenal. Of the five markets we are in they have helped us obtain the #1 position in two, we are a strong second or third in a third market and are steadily climbing in the last two. The leads generated from their work represent over 50% of our total leads.

~ David Kaylor / Harvest Valley Pest Control

We have developed great confidence in these guys.

Web Guides has been instrumental in turning our business around. At a point when we needed a drastic improvement in our marketing, Web Guides stepped in and worked with us in an extremely professional manner to lift our company up.

We have developed great confidence in these guys. Their knowledge in business and their technical skills make for a great combination. I could not recommend the Web Guides high enough. 

~ Matt Hopkins / EliteSRS Ropes

We are already reaping the rewards of increased interest and business

The new site really brings our business forward. We are super pleased with the finished product. Jordan pulled in a lot of marketing ideas that never would have occurred to us, and we are already reaping the rewards of increased interest and business! He understands the big picture and is helping us take marketing to the next level.

~ Laurie Elliott / Riverside Properties

Web Guides has been a critical contributor to our success online.

Web Guides has been a critical contributor to our success on line. Over the years Jordan and now Scott have managed two of our web sites, built a web site, helped us produce a really great video and managed our pay per click effort on Google. We do pretty well on searches and we credit the Web Guides team with our continued success.

Recently our Google home page went haywire and it almost seemed as if our page was hijacked. It wasn't. Jordan did dig in and figure out the glitch and had us back in business in no time. We at Alpine Aire really value this relationship!

~ Tom Ross / Alpine Aire

Good at what they do ... very good

Jordan is good at what he does...very good. His depth of knowledge and wisdom in how to apply it in a variety of situations sets him far above the rest. We appreciated the fact that he listens, does the research, thinks, and then acts. And when he takes action it's with a passion to see the very best results.

For website design/Ecommerce and Marketing we highly recommend Web Guides.

~ Greg Hendrick / Foody Vertical Gardens

Uniquely qualified to optimize your business’ presence on the web

Jordan and Scott are uniquely qualified in the Wenatchee Valley to optimize your business’ presence on the web. In addition to their depth of knowledge, they are fiercely honest and rich in integrity -- I trust them completely.

When we first contacted Web Guides Marketing we weren’t sure what we needed; we just knew we were falling behind in the SEO (search engine optimization) game. For an online business that can be a death sentence.

Jordan suggested we begin with a Digital Marketing Analysis (DMA). What an eye-opener! More than anything else we had seen or done up to that point, the DMA allowed us to fully understand how big our overall market was and what part of that market we were capturing, how people searched, what terms were most relevant, and a litany of other relevant data complete with Jordan’s valuable insights.  A real game-changer to how to allocate our Marketing dollars.

~ Cheri Dudek / Orchard Corset

I highly recommend for all your website needs

I had the pleasure of working with Jordan when he rebuilt my employers' websites. Jordan has amazing vision and was able to modernize and organize our websites while also ensuring better SEO standings. 

Jordan is incredibly knowledgeable but still has the ability to simplify his explanations so that those of us that aren't as tech-savvy can easily understand. Our meetings never felt rushed and everything was completed in a timely manner. Jordan is detailed, professional, diligent, personable and he aims to please. Our new websites are absolutely beautiful as well as functional.

~ Amanda Huber / Rent Me Portable Storage