Digital Strategy

Your online presence, or "digital footprint," is the primary way most customers encounter and engage with your business. This presence includes your website and social media accounts, reviews sites, your standings in search results, and many other factors.

We help you optimize your online presence, ensuring you put your best "digital foot" forward with existing and potential customers.

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Where are your website visitors coming from? How do you improve you search rankings? How well is your website converting visitors into customers? How important are Google reviews? These are just a few of the important questions we've found most small and mid-sized businesses don't know how to answer. Not because they're not important; simply because it's outside their area of expertise.

We fill the role of "digital consultants," advising your business on how to grow with online marketing, become more efficient through digital tools, and take advantage of new online opportunities, much in the same way an accountant might advise on tax breaks or a lawyer on legal formation.

Digital Marketing Analysis

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