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The Digital Marketing Analysis (DMA) is the starting point for most of the work we do. It's really about helping you understand the digital footprint of your business, showing you the opportunities that are available for digital growth, and giving you an actionable, attainable "punch list" that will help you reach your goals.

We customize each analysis to the specific business we're working with. Before the analysis we'll meet with you to understand your business goals, online questions and long term goals. We'll work through the report with your unique situation in mind.

Process: The analysis usually takes about a month for us to complete. After we have completed the analysis we will arrange a meeting to sit down and go through the findings. This usually takes about 1.5 hrs.

After the Analysis: You will get access to the digital analysis report (usually about 15-20 pages), which provides not only insights into the online performance of your business and benchmarked statistics, but also priority lists and actionable strategies and tactics for moving your business forward. This list can form the basis of future work with us, be a document you hand to another marketing team or website developer, or marching orders your team references as you implement your online strategy.